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Rose Licker Vibrator with G-Spot Dildo 10 licking speeds

This Rose Licker Vibrator comes complete with 10 speeds of vibration, as well as ten different pulsation patterns. It is made from nonporous silicone. This is Rose Toy 2.0 Design.

10 Powerful Sucking Modes
10 Vibrating Tongue Licking Modes
APP Wear Vibrating
APP Control, Music Mode, Friends Control, Custom Sliding Mode
Long Distance Control Interactive Mode
Ergonomic Design
Local Video Viewing
Waterproof & Magnetic Charging

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Best Rose Toy for Women

Why is the rose toy for women is so popular in now days? The reason of it is that it can make women feel very good so that they feel more relax and comfortable when they are using it in their leisure time.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion gift then take some time to read this article.

rose toy is one of the hot sale sex toys, more than 100 pieces are sold out every day, we can offer you the best price and best quality. In order to help you find a suitable rose toy, we have list the different features.

What Is the Rose Toy?

In the world, we have different types of sex toys, rose toy is one type of sex toy, It is for clitoral stimulation, it looks like a blooming rose, so it is called a rose toy. It can be used as a personal massager and sexual pleasure tool for women. Use on your own masturbate or with a partner.It is ok to masturbate yourself behind your partner. don’t worry about it.

This rose vibrator combines the functions of vibration and sucking in one toy, made with silicone that is safe for humans. It is available in different colors of rose toy, for example red, purple, pink, etc.

It is like a rose in appearance and can be placed on a table as a decorative item. It can be used to stimulate other parts of the body, such as the anus, nipples, clitoris, breasts, belly button, neck, ears, etc.

How does the Rose Toy work?

Rose toy is made by silicone, the interior contains rechargeable batteries, there is a circuit board and a motor, and there is an airbag. When we press the switch, depending on the mode selected, the instructions will be transmitted to the circuit board, the MCU chip in the circuit board will calculate the appropriate frequency, and then control the operation of the motor, there is a rotor in the motor, this rotor drives the head of the squeezing device rotation.

When the head of the motor squeezes the airbag, the airbag will eject air, but when the head of the motor leaves the airbag, the external pressure to the airbag is disappeared, and the aribag will suck air. If the frequency of motor rotation is different, then the frequency of airbag exhalation and inhalation will be different.

We externally see a suction nozzle on the top of the rose toy. The nozzle will constantly draw air in and push it out. When the nozzle of the rose toy is placed on the clitoris, there is a feeling of vacuum suction because there is no air coming in and it is constantly sucking. This technique can make the clitoris quickly erect, engorged with blood, into a sexual state, and the suction will focus on stimulating the C-spot of the clitoris, and the power of vibration, the power of vibration will be transmitted to the deep clitoral nerve endings, so it will be easy to produce an orgasm.

Rose toy is usually used for women, but using sex toy is not the special rights for women, are men using sex toys? Yes.

How to Use a Rose Toy?

  • First: When you receive the rose toy, unpack the box carefully, read the instructions.
  • Second: Check if the rose toy has any damage if it has damage please contact our support, we can replace a deluxe rose toy for you.
  • Third: Check if the flower rose toy has power or not, if does not has power, you need to charge it until it doesn’t blink red.
  • Fourth: Use pure clean water to wash this rose toy. Do not use the disinfectant spray, our rose toy is safe, do not have virus and germs.
  • Fifth: Get ready to experiment and make sure to use lube or spit (whatever floats your boat, just make sure you wet down yonder).
  • Sixth: Choose the best way you want to die. start slowly from a low speed, and feel it, even at the low speed you will feel too strong, and not comfortable, then you should stop using it. if you are feeling very comfortable, you can change the speed, and go to a strong speed.
For using the rose toy not only this one method, we have one sexologist to tell you how to use the rose toy.

Rose Toy Side Effects

Do rose toys have side effects?

Rose toys are just like the rest of the sex toys, except that they are named because they resemble roses. The material used to make the Rose Toy is medical-grade silicone, which is safe and non-toxic. Using the Rose Toy does not create a sense of dependency, it is a vibrator without flexibility, and you still need a partner. Only a partner can give you the imagination, the desire to conquer, and a warm penis.

we have a detailed analysis for: Is the rose toy bad for your health? you can read it properly. But does the use of sex toys ruin relationships?

Rose Toy Maintenance

Use a lubricant when using the rose toy to avoid irritating the skin and damaging the rose toy. Clean the rose toy after use, remove any debris from the outside, rinse well with water and let dry naturally, or wipe clean with a towel.
After cleaning, put it in a clean, ventilated location or use a bag to put it in.  Why should you clean the rose toy?

Rose Toy Material

Rose toy external is silicone, nozzle is silicone, the internal circuit board is made of ABS. The silicone has a different hardness, do you know, How to select the right hardness of silicone?

Rose Toy Power Types

Rechargeable battery, battery, DC power supply

There are several reasons for a rose toy not charging, you can read the instructions carefully, and check the charger properly, if it is the battery is low, or the body part is broken? if the battery is put in reverse or the travel lock is on.

for details please read this article Troubleshoot rose toy not working

While charging the rose toy, the LED of the rose sucking vibrator will keep flashing. When the charging is completed , The LED will stop flashing.

Our rose toys are made of non-porous materials that do not easily harbor bacteria. Many sex vibrators made of porous materials are prone to breeding bacteria and infection if no condom is available. So you can use our rose toys with confidence.

The product will come in a discreet packaging and there is only address information on it. The package will be delivered to Mail Box if you left Mail Box information in your order address information.

First, you can find the sex toy store near your home, they may have the rose toy, you can open google map, search “rose toy near me”, then you can find some stores that sell rose toys.

if you don’t want to go to the store, you can directly buy from our online store, we are very professional in the rose toy area. we will ship the rose toy in a discreet way, and the first time buys a rose sex toy, you can get a 10% off coupon code.

Most of our rose toys come with a USB charging cable, they can be charged in about 2.5 hours, on a full charge, you can use your sex toy for up to 2 hours. 

But you don’t need to do the full charge, even it is not fully charged, you can still use it, it is not a problem.

NO, Although the rose sex toys are made of silicone and the charging cables are made of insulators, theoretically, there is no rise in using a good rose toy while it is charging.

But because the rose toy touches the body’s sensitive position, such as the clitoris, nipples, if the rose toy or charger leakage, it will make you feel electrocuted, although the voltage is relatively low, but because the clitoris is very sensitive, still makes you feel very uncomfortable.

So it is recommended not to use the rose toy while it is charging.

Yes, Rose Toy Is a Waterproof Sex Toy – Own the waterproof clitoris sucking vibrator, you can enjoy sex pleasure in bath or shower room.

We have different rose toys, normally it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery, but some small rose toy maybe take less time, and some big rose toy takes more than 2 hours.

Rose toy not working has several reasons, please read this to get the specific knowledge: Troubleshoot rose toy not working

Adorable Little Rose – the clitoral sucking vibrator is shaped like a rose, it is cute and small makes it easy to carry with you, and you can experience the ultimate thrill of oral sex at any time.

IPX6 waterproof means you can use and clean the rose toy very easily, which is safer than those cheap ones.

7 Intense Sucking Frequencies – The rotating airflow generated by the internal vibration sucks and teases the clitoris, helping you to reach orgasm in a short time. With one click, you can easily change the fun with different suctions.

The rose toy is a sex toy for women with strong suction that can suck the clitoris, which is different from some rabbit vibrators, and different from vibrators.

It can not only give you orgasmic pleasure but also as a decorative item placed in the home, so unlike the old sex toys, if this rose toy does not work, it does not matter, because its shape does not allow people to identify it as a sex toy, can be complete as a decorative item.

When the device is fully charged, the light will glow steadily, When charging, the button of the rose sucking vibrator will keep flashing.

After fully charged, at least it can work for more than 2 hour.

Rose toy official website is:, Since the rose toy is so popular, there are some rose toy official scam is coming, please take care.

Use the control button on the clitoral stimulator to control your Sync when it is submerged in water. 1 of 1 found this helpful. Do you? We-Vibe Sync is completely waterproof and may be enjoyed in the bath, but the remote control is not waterproof.


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