Silicone Nipple Sucker for sale
Silicone Nipple Sucker | 7 Kinds Passion Modes

Silicone Nipple Sucker | 7 Kinds Passion Modes


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Silicone Nipple Sucker Features

7 Kinds Passion Modes: 

Silicone nipple sucker has seven kinds of passion modes. Silicone nipple sucker has seven vibration modes and seven suction modes. When you or you and your partner enjoy sex with the silicone nipple sucker, you can try the seven vibration and suction modes one by one. 

Each mode of our silicone nipple sucker can bring you a different sexual experience. I think you will find your favorite way. Of course, we are very confident about our silicone nipple sucker, and you will like each method. 

Waterproof Design: 

The silicone nipple sucker has a waterproof design, so you don’t have to worry about breaking down after water ingress. Because of its excellent waterproof performance, you can use silicone nipple suckers in various scenarios. 

You can use silicone nipple suckers in swimming pools, bathrooms, and other places with water for sex without worrying about its non-waterproof. At the same time, after use, you can wash the silicone nipple sucker carefully with water to reduce the risk of bacterial infection. 

USB Rechargeable: 

You can use silicone nipple suckers for fast charging and long-term use. Silicone nipple sucker is suitable for various charging scenarios, such as USB chargers, car chargers, computers, and power packs. 

The silicone nipple sucker has three on/off buttons: the suction button, the frequency button, and the power button. You can quickly turn it on and off and adjust its inspiration or frequency mode easily. 

Silent Design: 

The silicone nipple sucker has a mute design. You don’t have to worry about loud sounds when you use the silicone nipple sucker for sex. The silicone nipple sucker’s good quiet design makes its maximum volume not exceed 50 decibels. You can enjoy this moment quickly, and its excellent silent design will not disturb the nature of your sex. 

Medical Grade Silicone: 

The silicone nipple sucker’s main body is made of medical-grade silicone material. In addition to being safe, non-toxic, and odorless, the sensitive stimulus it brings is even more surprising. The silicone nipple sucker’s touch is like human skin, which can perfectly fit your genitals without discomfort. 

Confidential Delivery: 

Due to the particularity of the goods, we will guarantee confidential delivery. You don’t have to worry about our leaking your privacy. We promise we won’t abuse your information. Your package will not have any information about the silicone nipple sucker on the surface so that you can confidently receive the goods.

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