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Do You Know Rose Toy Official Scam?

The fraudulent Rose Toy Official scam website was created in January of 2020

The Rose Toy Official scam website is a fraudulent site that will attempt to steal your money and your personal information. The site was created in January of 2020, which means it’s been operating for a year now. This website is located in China but has copy-written text claiming to be based out of the United States. The domain name is

The real rose toy official website is:

The design of this website is fairly average, and the colors are uninspiring. There’s nothing especially wrong with the design—it just doesn’t stand out as particularly creative or professional because it looks similar to many other toy stores online.

The product pages on this site are all empty, which gives a clear indication that the site creators aren’t interested in providing toys for children and families anywhere except in their own pockets through fake purchases made by unsuspecting users tempted by the “free shipping” icon next to nearly every item for sale on their home page.

The fields you’ll see on these product pages include things like price, options to choose color and size, and quantity with checkboxes—all very standard options one would expect from an eCommerce store selling physical products. However, when you click an item near the top of the list to browse its details or view more about its features (which is where you’d generally find customer reviews).

You’ll notice nothing else visible besides these page title fields—no description field, no customer reviews box…basically, nothing that makes sense except as a way to trick users into thinking they’re getting legitimate information about what they’re purchasing before paying for it through a secure payment form that can be filled out using their credit card information. If you want customer reviews or information about what exactly this toy might look like once it arrives at your door (which won’t happen), then you shouldn’t purchase anything from this store! Instead, visit some other sites on our scam review list first!

It is located in China, but it claims to be located in the United States.

Although it may be tempting to order your plushies straight from the manufacturer, doing so can lead to unwittingly supporting a scam operation that you’ll never hear from again.

What is the official Rose Toy scam?

When I tried ordering a Chocobo plushie, I was receiving a barrage of spammy emails and phone calls. To top it off, they kept sending me a fake tracking number which did not work.

A few days later, they sent me an email saying my package was shipped (even though I never ordered anything), and on their return address they used “Rose Toy Official”. The real Rose Toy website is gracefully made and has no need for such deception. Needless to say—I canceled my order.

Although many of the things you will find on the site are free, it has been designed to trick you into purchasing things that do not exist.

Rose toy official scam is a website that seems to offer free things but they are just being used as bait to get you to purchase premium items that do not exist. They have fake reviews and constantly send you emails with new deals and try to convince you that the free item was so popular it is now sold out. It says there are waiting lists for some items but they never come.

They will tell you your credit card information is secure which is a lie because they have had numerous credit card hacks where I know personally my friends have lost thousands of dollars from their credit cards. Many people have complained about this site through Facebook and Twitter with no response from them at all.

There are many others that complain about forums/websites about this website such as Reddit/Yahoo Answers/CrazyMike’s Bike Shop/Xbox One Forum/Google Play Store etc… You can also see their lies by reading the negative reviews on Google Play Store, Xbox One Store, PlayStation Store, etc… If you see anything positive about the rose toys on any of those platforms it is false advertising and most likely paid by them.

You should never purchase anything from rose toy official or any other scam website for that matter.

I hope this can help you avoid purchasing from Rose Toy Official and other terrible websites. Unfortunately, I did not know about the bad reputation of these websites before making my purchase. My goal is to hopefully help others in the future to avoid these scams. If you have any questions please comment or send me a message. I will be happy to respond to your questions.

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