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Lovense Not Working | How to Fix It?

Lovense has designed many beautiful sex toys that are well-crafted and well-made. It is intended for sex life, which can improve people’s orgasms and family harmony.

But Lovense will encounter some problems when using it, such as Lush 2, lush 3, suddenly running out of power during use, suddenly not working, can’t be charged, and other faults. How to fix these faults?

Please use it according to the designed purpose

For example, anal toys such as Lovense Edge2 prostate massager and Hush 2 vibrating anal plugs are designed with a unique base to prevent them from sliding into the user’s anus.

They are toys designed specifically for the anus, showing that they are not intended for the vagina, so if you try to put the anal toys into the vagina to use them, then you may not be able to insert them into the vagina smoothly. After inserting them, you may not be able to remove them smoothly.

Because the anal and vaginal structures are different, sex toys also have different structural designs. If you mix them, you may damage the sex toys, such as damaging the silicone shell and the internal structure of the sex toy.

To avoid damaging the sex toy and your health, please use it according to Lovense’s design intent.

Avoid excessive pressure

Lovense designed the Dolce hybrid orgasm toy, the Lush 3 vibrator, Nora’s rabbit part, and Edge2 sex toys, all of which are uniquely flexible and highly mobile.

These toys are adjustable but cannot be twisted hard, repeatedly turned multiple times, or bent.

We need to be gentle with them, just like our sensitive parts. Although Lovense has invested considerable time and effort into perfecting the product, their sex toys are not indestructible. However, if you use it properly within a year and damage occurs, it is possible to keep it, and Lovense offers a one-year warranty.

Clean your Lovense sex toys from time to time

Sex toys need to be cleaned before and after they are used, partly for your health and to prevent bacterial infections such as bacterial vaginitis, herpes, etc.

Secondly, it is often clean and a package for sex toys. If there is residual liquid on it, it may lead to silicone deformation, damage, etc.

When cleaning, you need to pay attention to the method of cleaning. Some of the wrong sex methods can easily damage Lovense toys, such as the use of too hot water, does not meet the specifications of the sex toy solution, in the toy randomly coated with alcohol or hand sanitizer. These cleaning methods are not suitable for sex toys.

An excellent way to clean a sex toy is to rinse it with warm water, and if you use a sex toy cleaning solution, you need to read the instructions and check if the toy meets them.

Lovense will provide customers with detailed instructions, as well as cleaning methods. If the toy is combined, then the Lovense user manual will describe how to disassemble and follow these guidelines, improving the service life of Lovense products and protecting individuals’ health.

After the toy is cleaned, put it in a ventilated, excellent location to avoid excessive heat, cold, or direct sunlight.

Problems with Lovense charging head

Users may be unable to charge, which may occur in the electromagnetic, USB cable, power supply, etc.

Lovense, some of the older products are plug-in way charging heads, this kind of setting head easily accumulates stains. If there is dust inside the jack, it may lead to poor contact, or can’t be charged, so please check if there is dust inside the charging hole of sex toys and clean it up.

You can simply turn the charging port of the sex toy downward and tap it a few times to shake out the small debris or small objects inside.

If water is inside the jack, you can dry it naturally at this time or use a hair dryer to dry it, and pay attention to choosing cool air to dry it.

Lovense’s new products are switching to magnetic charging heads. These charging heads on the outside do not easy to accumulate dust. Charging has another advantage. It is not easy to fall off.

Is the Lovense charging cable connected correctly?

Does the toy flash when we plug the connecting cable into it? If there is no remaining spare link cable, you can experiment with another link cable to see if the current one is damaged. If the line is damaged, please try to replace it with a new one.

If the charging cable uses the standard Mirco-USB, then the same as our Android phone charging cable, there are Type-C and other charging cables that You can find at home corresponding to the alternative line.

Is the battery power sufficient?

Pay attention to checking whether the Lovense sex toys have sufficient power. For example, with lush 2, and lush 3 power, if the power is not enough, the toy will not work. Try to give them a full charge and try again.

If Lovense toys are left unused for a long time, the battery power may be depleted. You need to charge it every once in a while.

As Lovense multi-sex toys use lithium batteries, they do not entirely exhaust the power before charging again, damaging the battery’s life.

Charging device problems

Some Lovense sex toys only have a charging cable and need to charge with the help of rechargeable batteries, computers, and cell phone chargers.

If we use the computer to charge, we need to pay attention to the laptop after hibernation, which may reduce the output of USB power or directly lead to the USB not outputting power, which will affect the charging speed of Lush and other vibrators. At this time, you need to check whether the computer is in a standby or energy-saving state. In this state, the USB output power is lower.

The car’s USB port to charge Lovense sex toys will rely on the car battery’s electric power storage. You need to ensure that the car battery storage is sufficient. If you leave the car after the car engine is turned off, you may also turn off the car’s USB.

Incorrect charging mechanism

If your sex toy is a magnetic charging head, such as Nora, Ambi, Edge 2, Max, Max, etc., they have the advantage of not being bothered by debris blockage. But these magnetic charging heads can sometimes be fragile and easily fall off, resulting in incomplete charging.

And if the magnetic charging head is not positioned correctly, it can lead to the impression that it is charging, but in fact, it is not. Fortunately, a charging indicator on Lovense shows us that charging is in progress.

If you don’t see the indicator light on, you need to check that the two magnetic ports are properly linked to the two magnetic ports of the charging cable.

Problems with overcharging

If you have read the Lovense user manual, you will notice that it shows a sex toy charging time of between one and two hours. For the sake of the lithium battery instructions, you should not exceed this by too much time.

Overcharging may cause wear and tear on the battery. If you like to connect the toy to the charging cable and then go to work and wait for the toy to be removed from the charger when you come from work, then you need to pay attention to the time required by the user manual to charge the toy, which can extend the life of the toy.

Is the use of dry batteries?

If the use of dry batteries, such as No. 5 batteries, No. 7 batteries, etc.

Then check the battery power before opening the battery box to see if there is a chemical liquid leakage, resulting in corrosion between the battery and the metal sheet, poor contact, and thus can not be adequately powered. If there is such a phenomenon, you can remove the battery, use a blade to corrode the metal, clean up, and then buy new batteries Put in.

Later, if you do not use it for a long time, please take out the battery. Or isolate it once in a while to check.

Check the direction of dry cell installation

If the use of dry batteries, then there is a positive and negative installation direction. If the installation is reversed, you can change the battery installation to try and experiment. It will not cause damage to the toy.

Lovense travel lock

If Lovense has a travel lock, check if it is open, close it and try again.

APP can’t be linked

If you encounter Lovense and Lovense Remote application can not be linked, you can try the following methods.

Bluetooth problem

Make sure the Bluetooth version of the phone, computer, or iPad you are using is compatible with Lovense requirements, and make sure the Bluetooth of your phone is working correctly.

You can use the current device to link another Bluetooth accessory to ensure the current phone is working correctly.

If the Bluetooth of the current device is not working correctly, then check the current device, such as reinstalling the system, etc.

Lovense Remote APP

Check if the version of the Lovense Remote APP is compatible with the current sex toy, or if the version is too old, you can uninstall the existing APP and reinstall the APP.

Is there any interference

If you use Bluetooth to link with sex toys, the distance should not be too far. You can first connect at a close distance and then try to control from a distance.

Ensure there are no interfering objects, such as many electronic devices, cell phones, bracelets, sex toys with Bluetooth function, etc.

Internet problems

If you use the Lovense application to link with online and other applications, such as remote pairing, control, etc., are required for Internet support, make sure the phone has been connected to Wi-Fi or has been appropriately turned on 3G, 4G, or 5G.

You can use the mobile browser and open a random web page to confirm. The web page can usually be opened, indicating that the network is connected.

Computer problem

If you use the desktop version of Lovense, the probability of encountering problems may be more significant. MAC, as well as Windows computers, have a long history of awesome. If your home computer has been used for more than five years, or even some have ten years of history, this old hardware does not necessarily support using Lovense applications.

Operating system problems

Whether it is a cell phone, computer, or iPad, all need the support of the operating system. If the application installation fails, you first need to check whether the operating system supports the download of the application. If not, please upgrade the operating system.

Compatibility issues

Ensure the Lovense product you purchased is an official product, not a knockoff. You can only use the Lovense Remote app to link to official sex toys, not knockoffs.

MV Live Session Failed

If your Lovense is not linking MV sessions properly, please try the following measures to solve the problem.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the “Lovense Connect” application on your phone. 2.
    Ensure that the phone running the “Lovense Connect” application is on the same Internet connection as the computer you are streaming from. For example, on the same Wi-Fi. 3.
    Also, ensure you are not using a VPN on your computer or mobile device, as both needs to be connected from the same IP address. 4.
  2. Close your MV Live session, log out from ManyVids, and then close your browser completely. This will reset your room and ensure no cache or browser extensions interfere with the connection. 5.
    If you can still not connect your Lovense to your MV Live session after performing these steps, please contact [email protected]

Lovense storage issues

Proper storage of Lovense is essential, as storing Lovense in the dark, humid place or an area exposed to the sun and warm for extended periods may cause the lithium battery to wear out or swell.

Like any other electronic device, sex toys with batteries should be stored at room temperature, below 30 degrees Celsius, and kept dry.

If the vibrator is not used for an extended period, it should be at least 50% fully charged. If the charge is too low and stored for a long time, the power will slowly drain and eventually damage the lithium battery.

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