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7 Top Reasons to Put a Condom on Your Rose Toys

Condom use is unnecessary but can be helpful with coitus toys for the seven reasons we’ll name below! Vibrators and dildos, after all, arrive without STIs and can not beget accidental gestation.

Especially if you are using” body-safe” porous accouterments, also coitus toys are super-low-risk. But coitus can be messy, or perhaps you’d like it slicker, and it’s always good to be conservative when bringing human factors into the blend.

Should You Use Condoms With Sex Toys?

I’ll recommend you do so, perhaps it’s not always a must-do, but it’s necessary in some cases. Condoms can help you maintain your toys and make it easier to use them with multiple partners, too.

While it may seem unnecessary, using condoms on dildos and other toys can be an excellent way to practice safer sex and minimize the spread of germs, especially if you’re in an open relationship or engaging in group sex.

Will It Be Necessary if You Are the Only Person to Use Your Rose Toy?

Yes, it could be if you have been diagnosed with viral or bacterial issues like UTI, chlamydia, or gonorrhea. However, if you haven’t cured these infections, it’s easy for you to reinfect yourself, perhaps by using your rose toy.

Of course, you can choose to have immediate and complete sanitizing to your rose toy every time after playing with it.

At the same time, the condom is alternate position protection, physical and cerebral. And you’ll still need to sanitize your rose toy, indeed though you have put a condom on it, to make sure there’s no chance for you to reinfect yourself during the sexy game.

Use the Condom if Your Rose Toy is Going Between Holes

As you know, the penetrative part of a multi-functional rose toy can’t only be used for the vagina but also can be used in anal play. But you should not fit the rose toy into the vagina after having an anal penetration with it. You could transmit bacteria from the anus to your vagina and beget infection.

But if you want to maximize your rose toy and take full advantage of it by having anal and vaginal stimulation with the same rose toy in one play, using the condom is a great result.

Make sure to use a fresh condom on the rose toy if it’s going between holes.

A Condom is Necessary if You Are Sharing Your Rose Toy

Yep, condoms are not just for penetrative coitus with a penis- they can serve as a defensive cover for your favorite coitus toy too. You can use them on toys you never partake in to save yourself some cleanup trouble.

Fleshly fluids, bacteria, and contagions can get on coitus toys when they touch your genitals or anus, including the origins of STDs. Other origins, like cold, can also be passed from your anus to your genitals, a common cause of UTIs, especially in people with vulvas.

Using a condom on a participated coitus toy or vibrator helps help STIs and other infections by furnishing a hedge, so origins are not passed to the coming mate or mates who use the toy with a new condom.

Make the Cleanup Easier

Are you getting tired of the CLEANUP every time after the rose toy party?

I understand it when you’re still immersed in the satisfaction brought by the orgasms but have to face the CLEANUP- your body fluid covers the rose- if you just let go and hit the sack, hours latterly, you’ll have to put further trouble in the cleaning.

To Avoid the Smells of Anal

As one of the safest porous accouterments of the rose toys, the silicone won’t collect and grow the bacteria, but it does absorb the smell.

So if you’re the anal play nut and love to do it with the rose toy, the toy will typically get that anal smell. You cleaned your anus relatively well before playing.

You can remove that smell by boiling the roses regularly. Or, to make it easier, use a condom during anal play.

To Make the Play Even Smoother

Still, and you want more, the rose toy with a dildo can bring to you if you’re trying to copy the feeling of penetration with the men’s gumshoe.

There’s a trick to rolling a condom over the dildo of the rose vibrator. This can help pretend the sense of mate coitus.

Also, if you only have the silicone grounded lubricant, which isn’t friendly for the silicone rose toy, you can use the condom to protect your rose vibrator and keep the smooth experience at the same time.

How to Use Condoms on Rose Toys?

What are the steps and precautions when we use a condom on a rose toy?

Using Lubricant

First, put two drops of lubricant inside the condom and then put the condom on. This will prevent the risk of being torn. Water-based lubricants are recommended. Oil-based lubricants and silicone lubricants are not recommended for use on rose toys.

Picking the Right Size Condom

Different sizes of rose toys require different condom sizes. For rose vibrators with shafts, a medium-sized condom will suffice. For small rose toys with bullets, using a small size condom is sufficient. If the condom feels loose after being put on, it can be tied to the bottom.

Pay Attention to Safety

Using a condom for every rose toy is the safest external and internal stimulation option. Because the genitals and anal area are covered with bacteria or around the formation of sores, wounds are also susceptible to bacterial infection.

In this case, if the use of sucking rose toys again is impossible, in the case of skin injury, it must be good ha rest so that the body to restore health after the use of rose toys again, do not let the wound recur again because of the stimulation of desire.


To help the development or spread of similar STIs and bacterial infections, it’s essential to cover toys with a condom if you’re participating in them. Change condoms each time you change mates or from vaginal to anal to oral use.

Still, the safest option is to always buy a new coitus toy after using it with another person.

It’s also a good idea to change condoms after each particular use, as bacteria can make up on the toy if you clean it thoroughly. Each toy is different, so checking the cleaning and storehouse instructions is essential.

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