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How to Charge a Rose Toy For Beginners?

When you receive the Rose toy, it is not a surprise, the long-awaited Rose Vibrator finally meets, but you do not know where to start. From charging, the first time you use the Rose toy, you must be fully charged before use.

But you do not know where to start and how to charge. Or you refer to the manual, but the rose toy charger is still not working. This is a complete charging guide on the rose toy. If you do not have the manual, it does not matter. Through this guide, we can solve 99.99% of your charging problems.

How to Charge the Rose Vibrator?

Initially, we didn’t realize that charging was a problem because of the high popularity of smart appliances and the simplicity of charging our Rose Toys. Still, when many customers inquired about “how to charge the Rose Toys,” they realized it was a problem.

Most of our rose toys are designed with magnetic charging, so you need to tightly fit the rose toy to the base, and that’s it. The magnetic design will prevent letting you from putting it backward. If the charging head is put backward, you will find no coordination between the rose toy and the base, which is the benefit of magnetic charging.

There is also the other end of the base is a USB plug. You can plug this plug into the computer or your power bank, and the phone socket can be. If you use a cell phone socket, please use the standard power plug. Some phones support high-power charging, but our rose toy helps with ordinary power.

If you have purchased a new iPhone, such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12, etc., these new phones are supported by contactless charging, just like our magnetic charging. Just put it on the base.

In some styles of rose toys, the charger is not the base design but a magnetic charging head, and the charging port of these rose toys is generally on the side. When we see two silver metal-style plugs, that is the charging head. We need to fit the charging cable on it.

Is the charging cable connected to the power bank or the rose vibrator? It’s okay to access either side first. When we connect it in both directions, the charging indicator of the rose toy will light up or blink. So when the rose vibrator is flashing, please don’t worry, it is a charging indicator, and the blinking indicates it is charging.

So for magnetic charging, all you say you need to do is adjust the Rose Vibrator or rotate the charging base and align the two charging pins of the Rose Toy with the charging base of the Rose Toy until the indicator light is flashing, the time for a full charge is about an hour, subject to the instructions, usually one hour.

In short, the key to charging the Rose Vibrator is ensuring that the positive and negative magnetic pins of the Rose Toy and the charger correspond.

Why is My Rose Not Charging?

  • Check if the charging pins of the Rose Vibrator and the charging base fit together tightly. If there is a gap in the middle, it usually won’t charge properly. After you find the hole, connect them manually.
  • When the charging device is connected correctly, a charging indicator light flashes. If it is not flashing, ensure no dust or stains, drinks, mineral water, etc., on the magnetic charging pin.
  • If there are stains, water, drinks, or dust, they must be cleaned up before trying again. If there is no interference, such as debris, the charging cable has been tightly connected, and the light is still not on, indicating that the charging cable may have been damaged and needs to be replaced with a new charging cable.
  • Although we do a strict “good quality” test when we leave the factory, there is no guarantee that some products are missed. If you receive the Rose Vibrator and find it does not work, please get in touch with your merchant immediately and request a new Rose Toy.
  • Although the rose toy is a durable product, it is not uncommon for its motor or battery to be damaged, especially the storm, which has a life span. Even after using our iPhone for a long time, It will reduce the battery life. If you change the charging cable after all aspects are checked, it still can not be used, then please get in touch with your business, the need for after-sales repair of the rose toy itself.

The Complete Rose Toy Not Working Troubleshooting Guide

Have you ever had a rose toy not work? I hate when that happens. There can be many reasons why your Rose toy isn’t working. We have a complete guide.

Why Does the Rose Vibrator Use a Magnetic Charging Design?

You can charge it more easily with the magnetic charging design, an auto-absorbing device, so let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the magnetic charging design.

Advantages of Magnetic Charging

  1. First, the life of the magnetic charging design does not need to be inserted into the jack like a cell phone charging cable to avoid the disadvantages of excessive force and damage to the charging head. So there is no to plug and unplug the damage caused by the trouble constantly, but also to reduce the use of the process caused by scratches.
  2. Easy to use because the magnetic has a positive and negative polarity and has the effect of the automatic fitting. So You will not insert it backward. When we charge, the vibrator will be automatically sucked to the plug, automatically linked, and then start charging.
  3. The magnetic charging design makes an excellent seal because it has no jack, the magnetic charging head is also exposed on the outside, and the silicone fits closely, which can significantly improve the waterproof performance of the Rose Vibrator, and also brings convenience to the cleaning.
  4. Because of the excellent sealing, You can also use it underwater. Do you want to know how to use the Rose toy in the bathroom?
  5. Magnetic charging allows for faster charging. The magnetic charging cable is designed to deliver a 3A-20A current, allowing for rapid charging and high current simultaneously.

Disadvantages of Magnetic Charging

Although magnetic charging has many advantages, there are disadvantages to this charging solution due to the limitations of current technology. For example, the connection problem, the lack of a high-density connection, may cause the charging cable to wobble, thus having a little gap between the charging pin and the plastic. So even if you have connected the charging base to the Rose toy, there will still be a pause in charging.

But the factory usually has a good rate test, so the probability of encountering a problem with the charging cable connection is relatively small.

When you buy a new rose toy, you get a charging cable, but when you find a problem with the charging cable, you need the seller to resend one, but the wait is long. If you want to try the Rose toy immediately, make a magnetic charging cable yourself.

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How to Make a Magnetic Charging Cable?

Before making the charging dock, you must prepare some materials, two ball-shaped magnets, a USB charging cable (iPhone or Android phone wire), tweezers, a search tube, pliers, a hot melt gun, and hot melt glue. Let’s get started.

  1. Take the prepared USB charging cable, leave the USB one, cut off the Micro-USB end, and strip the wire with pliers.
  2. When you cut the wire short, you will see four wires. They are red wire, white wire, green wire, and black wire. The red wire is the positive terminal of the power supply (VCC or +5V), the black wire is the ground wire (GROUND), and the white and green wires are Data- and Data+, respectively.
  3. Put two small pieces of shrink tubing over the red and black wires. Then cut the white and green wires.
  4. Stuff the two small magnets prepared into the shrink tube and put them on the rose toy to try and see if You can charge it properly.
  5. If there is no problem, we continue to the next step, can not be appropriately charged, check from the first step.
  6. In the case of regular charging, use the tape to fix the two wires and the shrink tube, and finally, use the hot melt adhesive to fix the magnetic charging head again.

The following is a Youtube user to make magnetic charging cable process, is for cell phones, but with our rose toy vibrator, a magnetic charging head is a principle you can learn from the use.

FAQs About Rose Toy Charging

How Do I Know My Rose is Charging?

When the rose vibrator is charging, There is a LED blinking.

How Do I Know My Rose is Charged?

Switch on the button. If the rose vibrator is working, then it has been charged.

How Long Does the Rose Take to Charge?

Usually, it takes about 1 hour; some new rose toys may need 2 hours.

How to Charge Rose Toy Without Charger?

If you don’t have a charger, try making your magnetic charger charge the rose vibrator. Please refer to the tutorial in our article. How to Make a Magnetic Charging Cable?

How Do I Know When the Rose is Fully Charged?

When the rose toy is charging, the power indicator blinks constantly. When it is fully charged, the power indicator will stop flashing and become steady, indicating it is fully charged.

How to Know When Should I Charge the Rose Vibrator?

Usually, the rose vibrator works for one hour. If you have used it for about 45 minutes, you should charge it. Otherwise, you can feel the motor is not strong anymore. Sucking or licking becomes weak. Then you need to set it.

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