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Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toy Materials | Clearly Guides

How to choose an excellent sex toy?

Technology is changing rapidly, and designers are opening their minds to achieve a variety of “magical” works to meet the preferences of different players.

However, there are many variations, such as the body and intimate contact with the toy – the most important thing is the material “feel.” Toy material is about the sense of use and their health. What kind of material is good material?

Follow these questions, and get into today’s class.

Currently, on the market for the production of erotic toys, more common materials are mainly PVC, ABS, TPE, borosilicate glass, silicone, platinum-cured silicone, and so on, from the appearance of easy-to-distinguish: hard ABS, both hard and soft PVC, flexible TPE, taking into account the texture and stability of platinum-cured silicone.

What exactly is the difference between them?


PVC is low-cost, durable, low-maintenance, and can be made into various complex, soft, and transparent products, so it was once widely used in toys such as vibrators and airplane cups, mostly for low-grade products, and is now being replaced by ABS.

Because of the unstable nature of PVC, plasticizers need to be added to assist in the production process. Plasticizers, also called plasticizers, can be added to enhance flexibility and easy processing and can be legally used for industrial purposes.

However, the molecular structure of some plasticizers similar to hormones, known as “environmental hormones,” are toxic chemicals, if long-term use, may cause reproductive system abnormalities and even cause abnormalities, the risk of cancer. Usually, PVC contains plasticizers, especially soft or slimy toys.

Plasticizers in contact with the skin may appear, such as itching, burning sensation, rash, and minor tissue damage. If you find the above symptoms, please stop using them immediately.


ABS is non-toxic and odorless and is a highly versatile thermoplastic engineering plastic. Because of its low value and processing cost, toys made of ABS will be cheaper and not very durable.

ABS safety grade for daily use can ensure safe use, and its impact resistance, low-temperature resistance, and electrical properties are excellent. In addition, it also has easy processing, product size stability, good surface gloss, and other characteristics, so it is ideal for the relatively simple production process, the small jumping egg size egg.

ABS has challenging, rigid characteristics, so the material feels hard, which makes the toy slightly worse to the touch, but it is ideal for making grips and remote control. The grip and remote control do not directly contact the body, need a certain hardness, and are easy to press, so most of the toy’s grip and remote control is made of ABS material.


TPE is a new polymer material between rubber and resin, which is very close to the feeling of human skin and is the mainstream material for erotic toys.

TPE is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic material. Allergies are very low and can be used for tableware processing. TPE does not contain bisphenol A (BPA), does not contain phthalates PAES, does not contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHS, does not contain nonylphenol NP, does not contain organic tin, heavy metals, etc., and is a non-toxic material that does not produce environmental hormones.

TPE material is the softest, has a good appearance and texture, is gentle to the touch, is very close to the texture of human skin, and easy to color, has a uniform tone, and is stable. This comes from its special molecular structure of the adjustable and controllable, so the name of the device, simulation of ding ding such simulated natural skin toys are more TPE material, and the use and cleaning will be more convenient.

Also, from its particular molecular structure of the special, TPE material is soft and easy to stretch, with elongation up to ten times more, suitable for the need to stretch the use of delay rings and elastic and tight bands to achieve the role of physical delay.

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass has been used for many years in erotic toys, but nowadays, it is usually made of highly permeable medical-grade high borosilicate glass (also known as hard glass). Its non-porous interior, fast heating, and smooth surface make it solid, durable, and visually appealing. Many people consider massage bars made of borosilicate glass to be works of art.

However, borosilicate glass in a hot environment will analyze lead. Lead is a toxic substance. The human body is exposed to too much will directly damage the function of the genetic material deoxyribonucleic acid in nerve cells, making them prone to dementia and making people look gray in premature aging.

Silicone | Platinum-Cured Silicone

What is the safest material to use for adult products? Theoretically, silicone is the safest. Silicone is biocompatible, comfortable to the touch, single-molecule structure, without “plasticizers,” and very secure. At present, most high-grade vibrators, jumping balls, and airplane cups will choose silicone material production.

Silicone is non-irritating to human tissue, has non-toxic and non-allergic reactions, has the minimal rejection of the body, has good physical and chemical properties, the use of the process can maintain the original elasticity and softness, not be degraded, will not produce harmful substances, is a reasonably stable inert material. Silicone can be directly disinfected by boiling with water, and organic silicone can withstand high temperatures of up to 300 degrees and can also be directly disinfected with bleach.

Silicone is also divided into various levels: industrial-grade silicone, general silicone, edible-grade silicone, medical-grade silicone, etc. The highest level is platinum-cured silicone, which is made by high-temperature platinum secondary curing, has very stable chemical properties, resistant to extreme high and low temperatures, has a longer service life, clean as new, with a high safety factor, is super suitable for the manufacture of “toys “Manufacturing.

Platinum curing silicone integrated TPE and silicone advantages, with TPE texture and silicone health and safety advantages, there is no odor, no easy to oil and deformation, and soft and realistic texture. The disadvantage is that the silicone added imported platinum water and formula, significantly increasing the cost of raw materials, and high costs resulting in platinum curing silicone production of toys can only take the high-end route.

In terms of feel, the toughness and elasticity of platinum-cured silicone are very good, not easy to be permanently deformed by external forces, and the feeling will feel relatively smooth. In terms of characteristics, platinum curing silicone is a non-toxic, tasteless, and colorless product, has good texture, is harmless to the human body, is in line with the FDA, BACL, RoHS, and other certification levels, and more than other similar products with peace of mind, and general silicone products are challenging to achieve these results, platinum cured silicone is also widely used in medical supplies, baby products, tableware products, and other industries.

Based on platinum curing, silicone has so many advantages that many manufacturers will claim that their products are platinum-curing silicone. In addition to checking the certification report, it can be identified by the following methods.

The first method: pulling platinum-cured silicone. During pulling, you will not find the white color. Ordinary silicone pulling will have a whitening phenomenon.

The second method: is the smell. Platinum-curing silica gel has no odor. Ordinary poor-quality silica gel has a pungent smell.

The third method: painting, platinum curing silica gel cleaning performance, the general water-based pen marks can easily erase;

Fourth method: the delicate, smooth feeling of silk when stroked.

Daily Maintenance of Sex Toys

When you understand the classification of toys, the daily storage and maintenance of toys will be handier.

Completely Separate

Do not put toys made of silicone, TPE, and other materials together, or they will begin to melt or become slightly deformed. It is recommended to store the erotic toys in a storage bag and put them in a special cardboard box to ensure that similar or different materials do not touch.

Wash Before and After Use

It is recommended to use warm water, which can be combined with soap or a unique adult toy cleaning solution to clean.

Cleaning also needs to pay attention to the material.

PVC such toys, use warm water and ordinary soap to wash before use. It is recommended that each time, the condom to use.

Borosilicate glass can be cleaned with any detergent, steam-sterilized at high temperatures, and used with any lubricant.

The TPE material can be cleaned with warm water and soap but cannot be sterilized by boiling at high temperatures.

Silicone/platinum curing silicone can be cleaned with soap but not silicone-based lubricants, which may erode silicone toys; You can directly disinfect silicone toys without electronic parts by steaming them for 3-5 minutes.

Batteries Must Be Removed

Installed battery products, please remove the battery first after storage, do not put the battery in a toy that has not been in use for a long time. Otherwise, the battery may ooze corrosive liquid, which may lead to corrosion of the toy phenomenon.

Rechargeable products do not need to disassemble the battery. Still, in the case of prolonged non-use, it will also lead to a decline in the viability of the ion in the lithium battery, reducing the amount of battery charge. Hence, the correct maintenance method for rechargeable toys is to use them at least once or twice a month to ensure the battery’s vitality.

Store in a Cool Place

Storage must be in a cool, ventilated place to prevent mold growth. Never put in place directly exposed to sunlight. High temperatures not only accelerate the aging of the material and will produce chemical reactions, changing the nature of the material and thus releasing toxins, which is very detrimental to health.

Finally, after choosing a product of trustworthy quality, please also carefully read the instructions on the use and cleaning (such as reusable products) precautions to properly care for the toys, their bodies, and those of their partners.

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