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How to Use Rose Toys in the Bathtub? 6 Steps

The classic Rose Toys are waterproof, and the upgraded version of Rose Toys 2.0 is also waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the shower, whether it’s a shower or a soak in the bathtub.

If you are a beginner, there are eight essential tips you should be aware of. We recommend referring to the article “How to Use a Rose Toy” to gain valuable insights and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Because the rose toy’s waterproof level was different then, you could use it for a long time if it was a shower. Still, if you use the rose toy in the bathtub, you cannot use it for long. It is recommended that the time for single use is 15 minutes. After more than 15 minutes, take it out for a while, and continue using it next time.

The bathtub is not only an excellent place to enjoy sex or a good place to relax. Rose toys can give us more profound enjoyment. Please bring it to the bathroom and try to enjoy the orgasm. You will have an unforgettable journey.

Sex and masturbation in the bedroom are no longer fresh. The bed can not bring us deeper stimulation this time. You have to invite your rose toy to join you in the bath. Then the rose toy can make your lover turn crazy.

The sound of the water running in the bathroom can completely cover the sound of the vibrations of the rose toy, so you don’t need to worry about who is outside the door and can indulge in your pleasure. In addition, hot water can not only relieve your stress and help you to release your tired nerves, but rose toys can also bring orgasmic pleasure, make the body more relaxed, improve the vitality of youth, and can temporarily forget the worries of work.

Using rose toys underwater can increase the intensity of the orgasm and explore different kinds of multi-stimulation to find the most appropriate way of sex. The use of rose toys in the water has another advantage, is no longer a need to clean them separately. After using them, use running water to clean them.

So how to use the rose toy in the bathtub? Let’s take a look at tips for using it.

1. Use Bubbles

We can use the bathtub specifically to produce bubbles through high-tech so that the water flow can create many micro-fine bubbles. Suppose the bathtub does not support the water flow, automatically generating bubbles. In that case, you can go to Amazon and search for “Bubble Bath” you can find the liquid specifically used to create bubbles, such as Amazon Basics Bubble Bath.

Amazon Basics Bubble Bath

So that we can produce a large number of bubbles in the bath, before entering the tub, it is best to take a shower and rinse off the body grease. Otherwise, it may affect the production of bubbles.

The hot bubbles can not only please you but also produce a pleasant smell, which in turn can relax you and build a good mood, and then slowly stroke your body and feel the call of your body, the call of sensuality, and all the sensitive parts of your body can be stroked.

2. Use Waterproof Lubricant

If the vagina does not produce liquid after entering the bathtub, using the rose toy may be dry and uncomfortable. You can use bubbles to lubricate it or use a waterproof lubricant yourself. Apply the lubricant to the clitoral area and lick it slowly using the rose toy.

3. Play Music

You can play soothing music while bathing, imagine your dream, dream of Prince Charming, let the mood completely relax, imagine the other half is coming, and shower together with the scene.

4. Watch Pornographic Movies

You can put on some porn movies, follow their rhythm, bring yourself into it, adjust your breathing and moaning, let yourself go, don’t think about anything, imagine yourself in the scene in the movie, and let yourself have a more direct impact. Or admire your sexy self, stroking your erect breasts and pink labia. But to avoid embarrassment, it is best to turn down the sound of pornographic movies or watch them when no one is at home.

5. Use With a Showerhead

Set the shower head to your favorite temperature, lie down slowly in the tub, spread your legs apart and your labia apart, then slowly place the rose toy between your legs, rubbing the skin around your labia constantly, then slowly move closer to your clitoris.

When your clitoris feels hot and wet, please pick up the nozzle and set it to spray mode, then spread the mist all over the clitoris, then switch to the rose toy to stimulate, and switch back and forth after the rose toy stimulates for a while, use the spray to boost, alternate stimulation, will make your orgasm come more violently. You can keep spraying water, so you can’t stop and can’t forget it for a long time.

6. Prepare Non-Slip Mats

After the hot bathroom brings the pleasure of orgasm, you have been ultimately released, and the unexpected orgasm may make you exhausted. So be sure to pay attention to safety when you get out of the bathtub. It is best to prepare non-slip mats in the bathroom to prevent yourself from slipping and falling.

If you do slip and fall, how embarrassing it is when your family and doctor come and see the sex toys and lubricants all around. So to prevent embarrassment, be safe, take a break and get out again.

Using rose toys in the bathroom is a beautiful and easy experience. It can help you understand yourself better, release yourself, relax, you can explore different ways of orgasm, and you can keep practicing to experience a more wonderful life while ensuring safety.


Can You Use the Rose Toy Underwater?

Rose toys are generally waterproof so you can use them underwater, but the duration of use varies because of the waterproof rating.

How to use the rose toy in the pool? As the pool depth is generally 1 meter to 3 meters or so, if you used the rose vibrator above 1 meter, that is fine, but if you reach more than 1 meter or even more than 2 meters, that is not recommended. Of course, it is not entirely unusable. You can use it for a short time, such as a few minutes, but using it for a long time is not recommended.

If you use the rose vibrator in the bathtub, that is no problem. It is recommended that 15 minutes as a cycle.

If you use rose toys in seawater, due to the plankton in seawater, minerals, etc., seawater is salty, which has so many trace elements, so the PH value of seawater is not neutral. If the acidity is relatively large, the long-term maintenance of silicone is not good. The rest of the sex toys are similar, and they also do not use them many times. Of course, use once or twice is no problem. After use, be sure to use water to rinse clean.

In the flow of river water, use the rose toy. If the river is relatively clear, then it is okay. If not clear, do not use it.

Does the Rose Toy Work in Water?

The Rose Clitoral Suction has an IPX6 waterproof rating, allowing it is working in water. However, per the IPX6 standard, using the device for a long time in the water is not recommended.

Can You Use a Rose Toy in the Shower?

The Rose Clitoral Suction uses soft, non-toxic silicone material with an injection-molded shell that ensures excellent sealing properties. It also boasts an impressive IPX6 waterproof rating, making it perfectly suitable for use in the shower without any worries.

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