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Sex toys can bring people good feelings in their sex life. Of course, people don’t want to pay the price for their health. If you don’t want to get sexually transmitted diseases because of improper cleaning of sex toys, you must do a good job cleaning sex toys.


Even if you are the only one using the rose vibrator, you still need to clean it because unclean erotic objects can introduce some pathogens into the anus or vagina, causing sexual transmission or bacterial infections. You may think that if you are the only one using it, there will be no infection, but this is not the case. Never insert unclean objects into your body. There are many healthy colonies in the vagina or anus. There are many healthy colonies in the vagina or anus, and foreign things can upset their balance and threaten their health.

Vaginal and intestinal colonies will be until the average PH balance, unclean erotic objects can disrupt the PH balance, and bacteria growing on the toy’s surface can bring about such problems.

If you clean the rose toy correctly, it will not cause such problems. Even if more than one person uses it, it does not matter.

If you want the house rose toy to be corrupted, from the exterior silicone as well as the inner circuit board and motor, you need to use the correct cleaning method, not only for health but also to extend the life of the rose toy.


Rose sex toys can cause better orgasms and thus can improve your sex life. But whether using the rose toy by yourself or with your partner, the rose toy is probably soaked in bodily fluids after you are done. You must store it carefully to maintain optimal hygiene. That’s because dirty sex toys can spread sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Sex experts and dermatologists believe that sex toys must be properly disinfected and cleaned, primarily if multiple people use them, or you may risk getting and spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

Rose toys may be exposed to lint, body hair, dust, or other impurities. Even if you cleaned it the last time you used it, it is also recommended that you clean it before use. You wouldn’t want to bring the magazine into your vagina or anus. A simple rinse with water will do the trick in a few seconds. If you want to skip the cleaning step before each use, you need to do good storage and ensure there is no dust or bacteria.


You may have seen some very cheap rose toys on the internet, their price even low to only a dozen dollars. However, if the price of a rose vibrator is meager, it is always because it is made of poor-quality materials. The standards of making toys in the rose sex toy industry are very irregular, and you can easily find some sex toys made of inferior materials. Latex and jelly rubber, for example, are two kinds of the most common poor-quality materials used in rose sex toys.

In addition, we don’t recommend buying rose toys made of porous materials because they have many tiny holes, which can conceal millions of harmful microorganisms. If your rose sex toy is made of shoddy material, no matter how often you wash it or clean it, harmful microbes will still breed in its pores. The best material on the market to make rose toys is silicone. This is because of silicone’s non-porous structure, which cannot store body fluids and harmful microorganisms. It also makes it very easy to clean and disinfect.


After using rose toys, the first thing is to clean all body fluids and bacteria. There are two types of sex toys on the market, one is mechanical, and the other is not. If the mechanize is waterproof, it is safe to wash it with water. If the rose head is motorized, we recommend washing the rose toy under the faucet for a few minutes after cleaning them with a non-scented soap or toy cleaner. The reason for using non-scented soap is that the ingredients of the soap interfere with the natural PH balance of the vagina.

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The second step is to dry the rose toy off with a soft towel or cleaning cloth. After cleaning the rose toy, the next step is to dry it with a soft cloth. Make sure the fabric is soft, and the wipe is light. Don’t rub it too hard, or you may scratch or damage the surface of the rose toy.

If you have a sex toy with a sticky substance stuck in the hard-to-clean crevices, you can use a soft toothbrush to clean it gently. After that, you can use soap to wash and rinse with water. Finally, dry with a clean towel, and remember to dry before returning to storage.


Sometimes, adequate cleaning of sex toys requires disinfectants, which help eliminate a variety of disease-carrying harmful microorganisms. There’s no way to know if the sex toy has been exposed to an infected virus or bacteria, so it’s better to sanitize it after cleaning it. Using disinfectants or disinfectants can also help remove the odor of toys. There are several products on the market that clean sex toys. They can help you remove harmful microorganisms from sex toys and can be purchased and stored if necessary.

Disinfection method: dip in cold water with a 10% bleach solution, then use mild soapy water to rinse it off, and finally, use water to rinse it off. Note that bleach should not be heated.

This method can disinfect silicone, ABS plastic, and metal.


If you don’t mind, You can also use the Dishwasher to clean your sex toys, as long as your sex toys are not battery-powered. You can put them on the top shelf of the Dishwasher so You can disinfect them without soap or toy detergent. Of course, you have to manually clean the surface of your sex toys before putting them in the Dishwasher.

This will prevent your liquid from remaining in the Dishwasher. If you live with family and friends, it’s best not to use the Dishwasher. While it’s easy to disinfect your sex toys, it doesn’t guarantee hygiene for other people. Note that dishwashers must meet certain federal standards to sterilize your sex toys. If you’re unsure if the Dishwasher is up to par, you can keep boiling these sex toys as long as they’re not electric.


Be sure not to use boiling water to boil rose toys, and do not heat any erotic toys with motors. For some metal and glass products of erotic toys is possible to use boiling water to heat disinfection. It can boil for about 5 minutes to achieve the effect of cleaning.

Take the mainstream erotic toy materials now as an example.

ABS is a synthetic resin and is a very versatile thermoplastic engineering plastic. The material is relatively complex, generally the shell of erotic toys and jumping eggs, ABS itself is very safe, but if the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the molecular structure will change, oozing acrylonitrile, this substance is highly toxic, and generally, to make the toy more good-looking will be a thermoplastic coating on the ABS, this layer of the film may encounter high-temperature Carcinogenic substances may seep out of this film at high temperatures. It is not recommended to use boiling water to sterilize.

TPE is also called thermoplastic elastomer and can be very soft, with natural muscle elasticity. Some airplane cups and locking sperm rings often use this material. These material toys are also not hot water disinfection, and temporal decay will occur, significantly reducing the life of the toy at the same time, affecting your health.

Silicone, a single-molecule structure, is safe, reliable, and slightly more complex than TPE material. The most important is the safest of all materials, but also the mainstream of the market materials. Silicone can be disinfected in boiling water scalding, but personally recommended time not more than two minutes. After all, it is a rubber material that will produce an aging phenomenon.

And then, a rose vibrator is internal to the motor. If the waterproofing is not done well, it will cause the rose toy can not to work.


Almost all rose toys are suitable for this method, regardless of whether it has lithium batteries and motors. And in most cases, a simple soap and water cleaning of the toy’s surface can achieve better results, such as silicone, glass, or stainless steel.

Choose a mild soap

First, choose a mild, colorless, and odorless soap. Soothing ingredients are essential because scented soaps have complex components that affect the resin, and scented ingredients may disrupt the pH of the vagina and upset the balance of bacteria.

Manual rubbing

Apply mild soap to the surface of the rose vibrator and rub it with your hands, primarily until the rose toy’s stamen, suction port, and tongue are. There is also a charging port for the rose toy, the crevices, etc. You can use cotton swabs to clean these parts, and it is not recommended to use a toothbrush to clean them because the bristles may hurt the rose toy.

Rinse off the soap from the surface of the rose vibrator

Just rinse it off using mild running water and keep rubbing it until you no longer feel greasy.


It is better to use a clean towel to dry. It is not recommended to use paper towels because they may leave debris. Lint-free towels are the best choice. Wipe the petals of the rose toy, the tongue, and the charging port clean to prevent leaving moisture and breeding bacteria.


In many people’s perception, sex toys will are immaculate, and even some people, because of laziness not to clean sex toys. This, of course, is not the right thing to do. However, if a sexually transmitted disease can be transmitted through sex, it is very likely to be transmitted through sex toys. Susan Bard, a dermatologist, said, “Almost all sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted through sex toys, especially those that are inserted into or come into contact with the mucous membranes of the body.”

While Human herpes virus 1, chlamydia, and gonorrhea can also be spread, sexually transmitted diseases transmitted through sex toys with a partner are the most common. So even if you only use them on yourself when you masturbate, you should make it a habit to properly clean your sex toys. People with bacterial diagnosis or urinary tract infections are at risk if sex toys are not correctly disinfected after vaginal use. Without proper sanitation, people with penises face a similar risk.


Sex toys can degrade or discolor if not washed properly and remain covered with dry body fluids. The best way to store sex toys is to keep them in a cool, well-ventilated, dry place. This keeps sex toys clean. It’s best to keep them on ventilated shelves or in drawers, but be sure not to put them in plastic bags because they are sealed and, in sealed conditions, will not easily smell away. Sex toys also come with their box or bag, which is a great way to store them.

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