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Roos speeltje met tong productvergelijking

Roos speeltje met tong productvergelijking

It’s clear that both the clit licking rose vibrator and the rose toy tongue vibrator are rose-shaped toys with tongues designed to enhance pleasure during sexual play, whether used on the clitoris, nipples, or other erogenous zones of the body. Their exquisite rose design also makes them aesthetically pleasing. However, to choose the best rose toy, it’s essential to understand their differences.

Hoe werkt de Rose Toy met tong?

The rose toy with the tongue is designed to provide an oral sex-like experience with its realistic tongue in the middle of the rose-inspired design. This versatile sex toy can be used on any erogenous zone of the body, but it is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation and mimicking oral sex.

As many people with vulvas can achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation, the tongue rose toy provides a unique and enjoyable way. The possibilities for using this toy are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Specificaties Vergelijking

Clit Licking Rose Vibrator


Hoe het je bevalt: 10 verschillende modi om je te likken
Materiaal: Lichaamsveilige siliconen
Grootte: 3*2.3 duim
Waterdichte prestaties: IPX7
Geluidsniveau: <50dB (laag)
Opladen: Magnetisch opladen via USB

Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator

Hoe het je bevalt: 9 verschillende ritmes om je te likken, plus 9 intens vibrerende standen
Materiaal: Lichaamsveilig silicone, ABS
Grootte & Gewicht: 3.07*2.2 duim, 78.7g
Waterdichte prestaties: IPX7
Geluidsniveau: <50dB (laag)
Hoe lang werkt het: 40~50 minuten werktijd per 60 minuten opladen
Opladen en batterij: Magnetische USB opladen, 3.7V/140mAh lithium batterij

De belangrijkste verschillen tussen hen

The Clit Licking Rose Vibrator and the Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator are both rose-inspired sex toys with a realistic tongue in the middle, providing an incredible oral sex experience. Both toys can be used on any sexy body spot and are suitable for any gender.

The main difference between the two is the design of the tongue. The Clit Licking Rose Vibrator has a thin and soft tongue, while the Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator has a thicker tongue that can vibrate while it’s licking.

The Clit Licking Rose Vibrator features 10 different licking speeds and rhythms, providing a variety of sensations that can stimulate the nerves all over the vulva, not just the clitoris. The Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator has two control buttons for the vibration and licking functions, allowing you to enjoy each one separately or together for maximum pleasure.

If you enjoy a nimbler and softer stimulation, the Clit Licking Rose Vibrator might be the right choice for you. But if you prefer a more solid and deep stimulation, the Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator could be your ideal tongue rose toy.

Welke is geschikt voor u?

It depends on what you like so that we can see this question:

If you like the thrill oral sex brings, both could be excellent choice.

Als je van snelle en intense orgasmes houdt, bekijk dan de Clit Licking Rose Vibrator;

Als je meer houdt van zachte en diepe orgasmes, bekijk dan de Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator.

Het bovenstaande kan u helpen de beste vreugde en plezier te krijgen!

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