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A video about rose toys has more than 1.3 million hits on YouTube and TikTok. This has aroused many people’s interest in rose toys. If you buy a rose toy because of its popularity, you may want to know how to use it and be curious about the experience it brings.


When you use rose toys for the first time, it is better to use lubricant together so that it will not cause too strong stimulation to your labia and your partner’s labia. In addition, you must gradually use its functions at a low intensity, ensuring that the sex toy will not overstimulate your partner. This can also minimize the damage to the genitals of both of you caused by this rose toy. In addition, after you use the rose toy for the first time, you should clean the toy for subsequent use.

I’ve used my rose toy a few times and had no issues. It’s easy to clean, not too noisy, and easy to store. The only thing I would change is the batteries because they don’t last long, but that doesn’t impact the pleasure I get from the rose, but only time will tell.


The most distinctive feature of this rose sex toy is its shape, which is designed to look like a hot pink rose, which is very beautiful. The main body is made of several rose petals stacked, narrow on the top and wide on the bottom. It is so much like a rose that you can put it on the table without anyone suspecting that it is a sex toy. Rose sex toys rose shape design is not only beautiful. This one advantage, it can also be convenient for people to carry and enjoy joy without space constraints.

This is an excellent toy for surprising your partner. The material is soft, smooth, and flexible and feels like a natural rose. It’s perfect for partner sex, foreplay, or spontaneous fun.

A beautiful rose-starting toy. This little prickly beauty is sure to please your senses and spice up your sex toy collection.


The rose sex toy is made of silicone, which has a soft texture, good toughness and elasticity, torsion resistance, and no deformation. And long-term use will not crack, has a long service life, and cold and high-temperature resistance. Compared with the sex toy made of plastic, it has a softer touch and a better skin comfort experience. With this rose toy, you will no longer need to use the brutal vibrator that often brings you pain and wounds during sex.


Rose sex toy is a kind of clitoral stimulation toy which uses air pulse and pressure technology to suck the clitoral head and clitoris. Suction toy It uses gentle bursts of air that create a suction-like sensation. Focused, pulsing air suction on the clitoris too. Sexologist and sex educator Goody Howard, MSW, Master of Public Health, explained that it combines sucking and vibration functions. Through sucking the head, users say that it provides unparalleled stimulation and back-to-back orgasms.


This rose toy has a unique air pleasure technology, which can bring users extra strong orgasms. The design of the rose sex toy focuses on attracting the clitoris. Its rose petal shape provides a feeling different from other oral sex simulators. The top of the rose sex toy is wider than the clitoral nozzle of other brands. When you use it, you can feel the pleasure of the whole vulva, not just your clitoris, just like oral sex.

why does a rose toy feel so good


On TikTok, dozens of users of rose toys commented that the number and level of orgasms brought to them by this toy had broken records, and they had also brought spray and new forms of pleasure experience. Some users also said that using rose sex toys can unlock more ways to reach orgasm, and the feeling of orgasm is like coming from a deeper place than usual.

According to the manufacturer, this kind of rose toy can imitate the feeling of licking the vagina. Just click a button, and the internal vibration of the toy will generate rotating airflow, sucking and teasing your clitoris, leading to what some people call unimaginable happiness. Experts suggest that you apply a small amount of lubricating oil to the clitoris before using rose toys and then move the roses until you find the best place. According to the sucking intensity, you can control the speed setting to obtain the correct amount of stimulation or alternate between different levels to obtain different experiences.


The female vagina is usually not a cylindrical cavity, like a flattened hose squeezing the penis as the man penetrates. When using the rose sex toy mimics the stress caused by sucking and is intoxicating. So rose sex toys suck the air out of the vagina, feeling like the vagina is tightening and sucking in the mouth. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. Using a rose sex toy can stimulate the clitoris more, making it easier for the user to orgasm and experience more pleasure, leading to ejaculation.

This is usually achieved by stimulating the g-spot in the vaginal vestibule. An orgasm is a heightened state of arousal and tension that occurs during the sexual response cycle, culminating in an orgasm accompanied by a feeling of euphoria. Rose sex toys can stimulate the clitoris alone so that the internal tissues of the clitoris contract and stimulate urethral tissue so the woman can orgasm.


The rose sex toy brings excitement to the clitoris, spasms to the urethral sphincter, and direct or indirect stimulation to the urethral opening, making it easier to urinate during intercourse. Rose sex toys the use by women to achieve the best state when the body is in a state of high excitement. The body will produce a large number of secretions, thus creating urine.


You should note that rose sex toys can cause damage to women in two ways, resulting in bleeding, one is cervicitis or cervical erosion, which may bleed after penetration or intercourse, and the other is a frictional injury, such as stretching and tearing of the vaginal wall, this requires a special examination to rule out vaginal mucosal damage or cervicitis. When your period is irregular, it’s likely due to orgasm and increased endorphins. You should check the blood in the endometrium and have a biopsy to rule out cervicitis or vaginal mucosal lesions. Avoid using sex toys until you know the cause and stop the bleeding.


Sex generally can improve the quality of sleep. The premise is appropriate sex. If sex is too frequent, it not only can not improve the quality of sleep but will affect the quality of sleep caused by insomnia.

Rose sex toys can bring a pleasant sex life, can make the body and mind relaxed, produce a slight sense of fatigue, and can fall asleep quickly, improving sleep quality. However, suppose you have too much sex. In that case, it will affect your mood too much, and it will be challenging to return to normal, leading to neurotransmitter disorders, directly affecting sleep quality, and thus causing insomnia.

what is a rose toy


Rose sex toys are so effective that they shorten your exclusive time. In addition to being used alone, rose sex toys can also increase the quality of sex with your partner, whether you use them in a dog style or in a sexual game on your partner’s body. Using rose toys can make the two parties happier in the integration process so as not to fall into an awkward situation.

Using rose toys with your partner can also enhance your relationship, mutual understanding, and harmony. Many couples experience a gradual decline in their relationship due to the disharmony of their husband and wife’s life. At the same time, the rose toy can adjust their life, improving their relationship and making them fall in love again.

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