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What Are the Different Types of Sex Toys?

While people can’t agree on a lot of things, there is one thing that everyone will support, and that is the orgasm.

Fortunately, we live in a golden age of technology that has transformed the space of sexual health in ways we’ve never seen before. While it is meant to make our lives easier, sometimes technology can evoke confusion and overwhelm. Take, for example, the “universal remote control.” In what universe is that thing easy to use! From clitoral stimulators and wands to dildos and app-controlled vibrators, sex toys can be straightforwardly confusing. Here’s our guide to 13 sex toys, in case you’re curious and don’t want to ask. (Also note that, yes, this list is NSFW).

There is no limit to sex and no end to pleasure, so what exactly are the things that can make you happy

1. Rose Toy

Why is everyone talking about Rose Toys and what it is?

Imagine how you would feel if you discovered a brand new sex product? Would it pique your curiosity and would you want to try it? Do you want to add new orgasms and learn new techniques? Are you ready for an enjoyable adventure with a rose toy that can be used alone, with a partner, or at a party?

Releasing a new sex toy is always exciting, but when new toy trends start, everyone is enchanted by it and wants to learn about the new trends in products. Rose Toys uses the latest patents on the market, drawing on artistic beauty and adhering to ergonomic design, it is a vibrating, sucking, rotating stimulator that makes clitoral stimulation more fun, effective, and easy than ever.

Most of the products are made in China because the Chinese manufacturing industry is very advanced, with good quality and low cost. People are now more concerned about the safety of sex toys, so are rose toys safe? Most companies are now using something called phthalates to soften plastics, a chemical that allows manufacturers to mold very hard plastics into softer products, such as many sex toys.

However, if you are exposed to phthalates for an extended period of time, it can lead to health problems. It is estimated that 10-20% of American women have high levels of major phthalate metabolites in their bodies, which can affect their ability to conceive and may cause reproductive harm. And if you think it’s safe just because it’s silicone, we’ve got news for you: the best silicone sex toys contain phthalates, too!

2. Dildo

As we all know, the dildo is the most frequently used erotic good for girls, and men’s airplane cups and known as the erotic necessities. When a person guarded the lonely night, use it to drive away loneliness than a one-night stand in a nightclub is much more, so do not think that this thing on the end of the world!

As the longest history of sex tools, the type of dildo can be described as a variety of styles and colors to choose from, of course, do not choose to pursue the size and power, the initial selection of delicate and lovely best!

The first to push the introductory paragraph, don’t tell me you’ve never seen, one of the common tools in porn, the advantage is that the volume is moderate, the average horsepower, the girls first play this best!

If you think you have passed this level, pay more attention to visual effects.

That inverted model is the best choice, no matter how it feels or looks is quite close to the real ding, many brands of dildos are used AV male porn stars real dildos without distinction inverted model out.

If you happen to have your favorite AV actor out of a, such a boyfriend does not buy home how to stand up to their own, more conscience companies focus on research and development, the development of what automatic heating, thrust rotation, ejaculation simulation, in short, how real how to come!

But remind all the girls, the size must be grasped, or too big to enter can be embarrassing!

If you pursue the ultimate stimulation, then only on the big guy, such as the wind cannon type, that is, the legendary fucking Machine!

Fully automatic telescopic vibration plus multi-speed, super 24 hours non-stop piling, you just need to lie down when the queen is good.

Of course, there is a double-headed dragon, both sides of the fighter to the girl to use, the frequency rhythm all depends on the rate of synchronization and coordination between the two sides, here do not repeat, two women making love with each other the picture is too beautiful.

3. Magic Wand

Many people will confuse the Magic Wand and dildo, but the fact is not so.

The main function of the vibrator is to massage rather than wand, mostly to stimulate the clitoris. The constant sense of tremors and shaking minutes to let you orgasm like a spring, of course, this product is not fully automatic hair function, self-play other body parts sensitive zones are very suitable!

The effect is even better when used with a boyfriend, after all, two together is the best!

There are massage fingers and massage tongue such a thoughtful invention, a variety of highly imitative male teasing means and open, theoretically, you can achieve the effect of three Kato Hawk serve you, a good start for the boyfriend’s big move, after all, if even foreplay are unwilling to do the boy does not break up to stay for the holidays?

4. Jumping Egg Vibrator

Also with a long history of fun toys, jumping eggs vibrator can be considered the most favored female sex toys, the delicate shape of the lovely appearance can attract girls all kinds of crazy, of course, the most important thing is the concealment and portability of this thing!

The play has also long been developed by all the girls to the fullest, such as playing a what switch accidentally broken, the mall suddenly opens simply shame, while stuffing several simply explode, or simply stuffing one into it will directly into the theme, to ensure that both men and women are going to heaven!

Only a “balloon” can express the mood

And now the jumping egg is also based on the ordinary vibration type, the development of remote control, super vibration, ergonomics, and other different types can be described as a hundred flowers.

For example, there are different men’s voices according to adjust the different vibrations of the super silent god model! Wearable cell phone remote control. Can be on the street all kinds of high, will bring many times orgasm!

There is a built-in APP for a certain model, but also with remote calls and music vibration function, anytime and anywhere you can come to the blue Danube or phantom march, others think you are intoxicated you are sublimated!

5. Butt Plug

If you make a friend and ally, and that friend also likes the feeling, then the back of the atrium pull Butt Plug beads will be you send her to climb Mount Everest or even the moon craters of the excellent props.

The Butt Plug form is mostly a soft string attached to several beads with a loop or handle at the end to prevent the pull bead from going completely into the rectum as well as to facilitate pulling out!

There is also no rope connected to the pulling beads, which directly evolved into a ball, playing with a higher degree of freedom, but the level of this form is too high, we should not try at will!

Of course, erotic goods without vibration models simply can not see people pull the beads also have, but when using must pay attention to the rhythm, after all, the ass is still very delicate. So cleaning and lubrication are a must to prepare.

Of course, we are afraid that the more common is a small branch of these pulling beads – anal plugs, both of which are essentially the same thing, playing with each other’s anus!

There are also a variety of role-playing models, such as foxtail, pigtail, and tiger tail, for visual stimulation of human always infinite imagination!

PS: I said that this thing can also be used for boyfriends, and shame and excitement, by the way also let the prostate can also be together with the orgasm, cool down to fly Oh, the girls you know!

6. Breast Clamps

Some young drivers are always very focused on the lower half of the girl’s strategy, the clitoral G-point research tirelessly, but ignore or despise the upper body, in fact, the most sensitive places of the girls in addition to the clitoris and chest. Some people’s nipples are even more sensitive than their clitoris, so breast clamps are becoming popular.

Like anal plugs, breast clamps are also a variety of shame models together with the car, bell models, tail models, everything!

Of course, the vibrating nipple clamps that there must be, and even a very few people who love SM may use the current nipple clamps. But must pay attention to master the vibration frequency as well as clip strength, or easy to be injured.

7. Men Masturbation Vacuum Cup

According to unreliable statistics, the sales of Men Masturbation Vacuum Cup and the number of rape crimes are inversely proportional, so do not think that the use of Men Masturbation Vacuum Cup is how sinful thing, if used properly, it is a much better experience than fingers! for example the TENGA cup.

As a must-have tool for all jerk-offs, there are a dizzying number of types of cups, and all sorts of strange types that are hard to hold! The common type of Amazon searches a large number, you can control the rhythm of how you want to play!

The most people choose is probably the famous weapon type, and Japan to do this has probably reached an academic height, a variety of experience forms have been developed one by one, the major brands of different models will be soft, suction, tight to the extreme!

The most powerful is the kinetic gun masturbator type, set automatic pumping, eight-speed, circuit design in one of the great masterpieces, let people have to feel the progress of technology.

Of course, there is a further is the inverted model class, this complete reshaping of the buttocks of the item is the same as giving you half a girlfriend, want to Aoi Air or Portland Yuki as you wish, part of the senior goods also comes with the original voice screaming, let people once again lament, really technology is a good thing.

8. Sex Doll

If the above is half a girlfriend, then the inflatable sex doll will make up the rest of the half also full.

Inflatable sex dolls are greater to meet the needs of men for women, but also to be able to learn numerous positions and knowledge in advance. And the point is to meet the highest illusion, star models secondary yuan is not a problem, if the inflatable sex doll in the texture is still lacking, then the silicone doll is perfect to make up for this, of course, the price you know!

9. Prostate Stimulation

It’s time to talk about men’s backyard massage, according to scientific statistics I don’t know where, the prostate orgasm pleasure is much higher than the ding orgasm, of course, not to mention the two come at the same time.

The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this kind of thing. The fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items on the market.

You don’t have to be nervous, afraid that if you like this feeling, it will not indicate that you are gay? The fact is that you will not become gay just because you’ve been blown up twice, and this inhuman pleasure is a waste of God’s gift of a sensitive prostate if you don’t experience it!

Most prostate massagers can also massage the area under the scrotum, and when they do, the men will feel like a row of plugs!

This is a great way to get the most out of your life.

There are even two-pronged models, two holes to enjoy at the same time, if also with the vibration function, then the tide is estimated to be as violent as the sea ** mountain eruption it! So the use of caution Oh!

10. Men Enlargement Delay

The length of time is always the favorite topic of the men, there are always people bragging that their sex can last for hours, but when bragging about a little restraint, which rubbed on several hours, ding dong probably to swell it.

But we always hope that they can be a little longer, a little longer, proud of the lasting degree can always make the men full of pride, and with the black technology is more and more developed, natural male prolongation class items must also be created to meet everyone, many students who want to “on lasting war” or recruits to the battlefield will be more favorable.

The delay condom is one of the most simple and brutal ways to delay, as for the principle of well, is the inner layer of the addition of a thing called benzocaine. Benzocaine is an anesthetic that allows the contact part to quickly reduce sensitivity. Thus extending the combat time.

Of course, without condoms, there are also delayed wet wipes, delayed essential oil, and delayed head cap, the principle is much the same, but to advise you not to overuse these products, there is a small partner and his girlfriend hotel room, sex before hiding in the toilet, the delayed essential oil all coated in ding ding, want the whole night without stopping, the result, no longer hard up.

But then again, the boys are not so cool at the cost of making girls cooler, why suffer? How about seriously learning the finger method, foreplay, action, and other essentials, rather than relying on external objects.

There is also a strange artifact, this product is called vacuum negative pressure exerciser, men’s penis trainer, which is an erection aid, through the negative pressure to force the machine to keep pumping, it seems that it can also be used as a plane cup to use.

11. Sex Chair

Lazy is the fundamental force of the world’s technological development, sex is also the case, to allow you to focus on experiencing pleasure, rather than the effort to maintain the posture, sex chairs such things were also inexplicably invented.

The history of sex chairs can be traced back to ancient times when it was called the pleasure chair, widely loved by flirtatious people. Today also developed a sex swing, sex bed, and other more advanced categories, if you want to play difficult positions but no superhero-like body, to a sex chair to let you play all the 36 types of spring Palace.

Sex swings and sex beds and other divine things is a simple phrase: you can use seventy-seven forty-nine ways to play all the 91 kinds of positions!

12. The Sex Ring

When you see this thing you can’t help but think of the Nanfu poly ring, the design concept is simply the same, a section more than six a section of strong ah.

The ring can be better to let the spongy body blood, to achieve a larger and harder effect, and another set at the head can make the ding dong more durable, but also a more stimulating vaginal wall.

It is essential to vibrate, vibrate, vibrate, the ring must also have a vibrating section, set in the root still need to say it, each impact is an ascension, to ensure that the girl can not stop shaking.

13. SM

SM class will not be introduced one by one, not everyone will like the sense of excitement, so SM must be if both sides agree Oh.


A perfect and harmonious sexual relationship is built on good communication and interaction, so when you want to use erotic goods also remember to get each other’s consent. At the same time, pay attention to the instructions, or some of the items may cause some damage, the majority of friends do not take the pain as pleasure every day, discomfort must immediately stop using and then consult professionals. Of course, cleanliness, and hygiene is also to pay attention to Oh, I wish you can go farther and farther on the road of the pursuit of pleasure!

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