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Le jouet Rose bien-aimée avec vibrateur à queue est parfait pour la Saint-Valentin 1

Le jouet Rose bien-aimée avec vibrateur à queue est parfait pour la Saint-Valentin

Is there any rose toy that can stimulate the clitoris and the G-Spot at the same time?

The answer is: the rose toys with tail, which bring you the best combo orgasms, and this is why they have become one of the user’s favorite rose toys.

Obviously, the rose toys with tails are so different from the sex toys you have ever seen, let’s see how these rose-shaped toys do it.

What is the Rose Toy With Tail?

The rose toy with the tail also is known as Jouet Fleur d'Amour Rose, its head is usually a rose flower, and the tail could be a bullet vibrator, a dildo, etc.

These two parts are always connected by an around 8 inches cord, and you can find individual motors in both parts, which means you can have them work separately, or together.

This rose toy is born to explore different types of pleasures and orgasms in the universe of our bodies. From clitoral orgasms, and vaginal orgasms, to blended orgasms. this little adorable rose will hit all of your sweet spots.

All in all, the rose toy with a tail combines two toys into one. It is equipped with all of the functions of the most popular all-time rose clit sucker, like the multiple vibrating intensity and the patterns of the rose clit stimulator.

At the same time, it integrates the bullet vibrator or the thrusting dildo. The double stimulation creates an indescribable innovative sexual experience.

Different Types of Rose Toy With Tail

1. Rose Toy With Bullet

Jouet rose avec balle

The tail end of the rose toy with a bullet is connecting with a bullet vibrator – vibrates in 9 different modes – to stimulate your vagina, especially the G-spot, and meanwhile, the rose head can keep stimulating your clitoris and keep the vagina wet and moist. Here you come the combo orgasms over and over again.

2. Rose Toy With a Dildo

Jouet Rose avec gode

Rose toy with dildo – you can also call it gode rose – got its name because you can find a thrusting dildo connected to the rose toy at the tail end. The helix design of the dildo tip can make it hit the G-spot every thrusting while it’s filling your vagina up.

This is the perfect rose toy to mimic the feeling of having sex with a real dick. And what’s better than the real thing is that the rose head is here to stimulate the G-Spot at the same time and drive you to the heaven of blended orgasms.

What’s Special About Them?

The Extra Stimulation

Le site jouet rose with a tail will impress you whether you have tried the classic rose clit sucker and get pleasure from it because it’s equipped with a double more stimulating pattern than the already excellent rose clit stimulator.

The rose toy with a tail can stimulate you in 18 different patterns and they can be simply controlled with 2 buttons. It delivers this whisper power to any place craving for it. A full charge can bring you indescribable ecstasy for a whole hour.

Elegant Design

The rose toy with a tail is born with unrivaled elegance, the beauty and elegance of this toy are the crystal of the meticulous design. The toy precisely stimulates the G-Spot in the vagina, with the effective external clitoral stimulator. Also, the extremely smooth and non-toxic silicone outer can make you just lie back and enjoy.

100% Imperméable

The rose toy with a tail can work in the water to a depth of 1 meter, it’s perfect to use during a shower or in the bathtub, and it’s also easier to clean.

Getting all these together provides a larger room for the intimate game. So, take the bubble bath you like, and get ready for the combo orgasms, they will overwhelm you, till you melt into the steamy water.

Does the Rose Toy With Tails Suit You?

To be frank, we believe that everyone can get benefit from the rose toy with a tail because its diversity is just incredible. It can stimulate the nipple or the clitoris, the G-spot, or even stimulate the anus. Put it around your honey spot – maybe the inner thigh and the breast – you will find infinite possibilities.

How to Use the Rose Toy With a Tail?

It’s quite easy to use this toy, there are only two control buttons on it: the upper button is to control the rose head, and the lower button is to control the rose tail.

1. press and hold the upper button for 3 seconds to turn on the rose head, and the same to the lower button to turn on the rose tail.
2. short press the buttons to switch the corresponding stimulation modes.
3. hold the random button to shut the corresponding function down.

For more usage methods, please read: How to use the rose toy?

How to Clean It?

Cleaning the rose toy with the tail is as easy as cleaning other rose products, the simple wash with the sex toy cleanser, or with the antibacterial soap will be good enough.

Avoid using any cleanser that contains alcohol, oil, or acetone, which can damage the smooth silicone surface of the toy.

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